Akiba Graduates Begin New Adventure

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Flavian and Osman with Sponsorship Coordinator James Were.

Earlier this week, two recent Akiba graduates set out on a new adventure.

Flavian and Osman have been part of the sponsorship program at Akiba School and finished high school at the end of 2016. After meeting with a local mentor to explore possibilities for employment or further education, Flavian and Osman were encouraged to apply to a leadership development program in Uganda.

Cornerstone Leadership Academy is one of the top leadership development programs for post high school students in Africa. It offers a two year Advanced Certificate of Education that prepares students for University and community leadership.

“Our core focus is on developing the cornerstones of Africa‚Äôs next generation. That is, to raise up future leaders with a shared vision of positively transforming their communities and nations”, says Director Tim Kreutter.

Cornerstone schools consistently perform in the top 5% of local academic institutions and have campuses in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan. Out of hundreds of applications, each year, Cornerstone Uganda awards just 25 scholarships for boys and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds with great academic and leadership potential.

Flavian and Osman join previous Akiba graduates as successful recipients of Cornerstone scholarships including Fina Akarukoit (Class of 2015) and Edwin Opiyo (Class of 2008). The trip to Uganda marks the first time out of the country for both Flavian and Osman. “I’m excited to start this new chapter of my life,” Osman says.

Akiba and Cornerstone Alumni, Eddy Opiyo shares advice with Flavian and Osman before their trip.